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Rarin’ to go

Took a quick look at the hives today. Too chilly to do a full check, but they were all out flying, so I peeked in. Saw brood in one, (South1), good numbers of bees in 2 others. Although North2 looks good, its numbers are a little low–although there could have been more in the lower hive body. They’re all stil wrapped, will take that off when weather improves a little, so because of that and for fear of chilling them and only looked at one or two frames in each hive.
— Slim


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Lots of bee news

As our bees have started venturing out, the wider world has lots of bee news.

The Washington Post had a good piece about commercial beekeepers and Colony Collapse Disorder.

And New York City has decided to rescind its longtime, insane beekeeping ban.

Closer to home, and even more exciting to me personally, is that Oak Park, Illinois, is reconsidering a similar ban.

— Slim

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Back to It

Well, didn’t blog in the fall because I had a book coming out, and was discouraged about the bee situation.
But all four beehives have survived the winter so far, so I am going to get back to it.
I feel very lucky; the hives seem strong, and still have some stores, although we have started feeding them. Tonight, a friend who with his wife has a summer place in Michigan said a friend of their who has 50 hives lost all of them; he described the symptoms and they match colony collapse disorder. More soon.
— Slim

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