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Rainy week last week kept me out of the hive. Today, hot day, bees were happy though. The queen is laying profusely, 10 or 11 full frames of brood. She’s moving between the two hive bodies still, but there was a lot more room on the lower, so we did a reverse of the hive bodies. Added a super. More details later.

On an unrelated note, got an email about a swarm in Winnetka, but after almost dropping everything to go catch them, learned they were about 20 feet up a tree. Too high for me today, I’m afraid. Hope someone gets them.


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I haven’t been keeping up this blog recently, but have decided to start up again this summer. We lost both our colonies this winter, but the new hive is doing well. I’ll write more about that soon.

For now, here’s some fresh Illinois bee news. The harsh winter led to high losses here, and that has pumpkin, raspberry and apple farmers scrambling, according to this Associated Press report.


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